How to Disarm a House Alarm without the Code

how to disarm a house alarm without the code

Home and personal property theft have skyrocketed, with over 7 million reported cases of break-ins reported every year. To combat these growing concerns, alarm systems are becoming more popular for homeowners to have professionally installed into their homes. This can be a great addition for any home and bring peace of mind to people that live there. In this article, we will discuss how to disarm a house alarm without the code.

Why would you ever need to disarm the alarm without the code? Perhaps you just purchased a house and the code that was given to you doesn’t work. Maybe your alarm is malfunctioning and you don’t want to be charged for emergency services coming to your home. If your home alarm system was already installed previously, and the alarm has been set off for unknown reasons you may be wondering how to turn off the alarm.

There are a few things you can try to disarm your alarm without signaling your local authorities.

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What Is a Coded House Alarm?

A coded house alarm is a professionally installed alarm system designed to detect intrusion and unauthorized entry into the home. Security alarms are used in residential and commercial properties for protection against theft, breaking and entering and personal protection against intruders that may which to harm you. Many people feel much more secure in their homes knowing that in the event of an emergency situation police and emergency services would be sent to them without having to call.

Areas inside of the home can be secured with motion sensors and cameras. Doors and windows can have sensors attached to them that will be set off if these areas are accessed while the alarm is armed. Homeowners can also have fire and carbon monoxide detectors linked to the alarm system so that, in the event these alarms are triggered, the alarm company would alert emergency authorities. A control panel is the computer that arms and disarms the security systems, communicating with each installed security sensor. If triggered it will sound the alarm and communicate with an alarm monitoring service.

Is There a Need for Coded Alarm Systems?

With more theft being reported every year including personal property damage, it is never a bad idea to be too careful. Coded house alarms give people peace of mind. Whether you are asleep in your home or out of town, these systems can be monitored remotely and alert not only you directly to your cell phone but alert the authorities as well. Criminals are smart and will take advantage of people when they are away from their homes. In this day and age when everyone is posting online when they are on vacation or away from their home at dinner it is even easier for them to find targets.

There is also the possibility of fire and carbon monoxide alarms going off. Rather than the delayed reaction of a homeowner not reaching the phone in time to call for emergency services, the alarm system can call as soon as the alarms are detected, saving you valuable escape time and potentially saving lives. They are excellent for elderly folks that may fall or not be able to get out of bed in the event of an emergency.

Benefits of Having a Coded Alarm System

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  • Can deter intruders from entering your home
  • Can protect your home from theft when you are away
  • Protects your family by contacting authorities automatically in the event of an emergency
  • If it is equipped with security cameras, you can monitor your home from your cell phone
  • Creates peace of mind knowing the home is secure
  • Can save money in property damage and theft
  • Can alert you if your young children leave the home at night
  • Alerts you to fire or carbon monoxide alarms and can call authorities automatically
  • Lets you know which window or door has been opened at any time
  • Some allow you to turn on lights to make the house look occupied while on vacation
  • Lower house insurance rates

Drawbacks to Having a Coded Alarm System

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  • Can be expensive depending on how many monitors and sensors are installed in the home
  • Can malfunction and because of movement of animals
  • Can be set off by cooking
  • Phone lines can be cut making it useless
  • False alarms can cause stress and worry

Although we feel that there are many more benefits to consider when looking into installing or updating your home’s security system, we understand that for some this is necessary. We do feel that there is a need for coded alarm systems in most cases.

How to Disarm a House Alarm without the Code

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Let’s talk about how to disarm a house alarm without the code. Most coded alarm systems consist of a keypad that in an easy-to-access area of the home, sensors and cameras that trigger the alarms if there is any unauthorized movement or detection of unwanted activity, and a metal enclosure that holds the computer and battery back up. This last part is what is linked to your phone line or mobile phone to contact authorities or the monitoring company.

To solve the problem of how to disarm a house alarm without the code, you will have to shut down the alarm. First, you need to disconnect the power and the battery backup. Locate the metal enclosure. There should be a power wire coming from the metal box that goes to a plug-in AC power transformer. If this wire is unplugged the alarm will cease.

However, many power transformers are hard-wired to the side of the junction box or to your electrical panel. If you disconnect one of the two wires leading from the transformer to the alarm panel, this should stop the alarm. However, this could damage it permanently as well and you may need to call the alarm company to get it installed again.

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If the back-up battery has taken over the alarm once the electricity has been disconnected, open the metal enclosure and find a battery with two terminal connections. Disconnect one of the wires, and the system will no longer be getting power to run the alarms. At this point, the alarm system should have stopped making noise. If this is a monitored system from a company, there may be a tamper switch inside the metal enclosure that will alert the monitoring center that the enclosure has been opened. There may be a fee associated with tampering with the backup battery or metal enclosure.

Disarming a home alarm without a code is not always possible or a good idea. There are many types of security systems on the market with different levels of monitoring. Before buying your home or staying at a home with an alarm system always make sure you know the code and how to access the console.

Before taking steps to disarm the alarm system, it is important to understand that you may be liable for any damage or problems that arise during the process of disconnecting the wires. If a professional service technician has to come out to your home to reinstall the alarm, it will require a fee. It is recommended, if possible, to always try to contact your security system’s helpline or monitoring line to help you disarm your home’s alarm if it is triggered by a false emergency.

Conclusion: How to Disarm a House Alarm without the Code

While some situations may require you to know how to disarm a house alarm without the code, most situations can be handled without going through disconnecting the power supply and the backup batteries. Usually, your security company will call and ask you for a security phrase or word so that they will be authorized to shut off the system for you.

However, if it is easy for you to disconnect the power supply for the system, then it is also easy for any criminal to do that same. You always want to have the power supply in a secure location that will require too much time and work for the potential thief to find easily. Never write down your passwords and leave them near the keypad as an intruder would be able to shut it off easily. Always change your password from the default password of 1-2-3-4 to a more secure password. Any burglar will try the series of defaults that most companies use.

Knowing how to disarm a house alarm without the code is not always a guarantee that you will stop the alarm from going off. With so many systems available on the market today you may not be able to stop it in time. Always be prepared in case the authorities stop by to check on you and to make sure everything is okay with the house. It is always a good idea to keep your home code up to date and contact your security company if you no longer remember it so that they can reset it for you before the alarm goes off.


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