What Are the Best Front Door Colors for Tan House?

what are the best front door colors for tan house similar to this

One aspect of a home's exterior that stands out the most is the front door. As simple as it may sound, having a great front door color is one of the most significant aesthetic qualities a home can have. Naturally, the best color for a door depends on the color of the house. As one of the most common paint colors for American homes, we focused on tan houses in this article. With that said, what are the best front door colors for tan houses?

A person's home is one of their most valuable possessions. Beyond a financial standpoint, our homes are where we form our most treasured memories with family and friends. They're where we play, work, relax, grow, learn, and most importantly, live. Your home is something to be cherished. It's easy to feel the love on the inside, but what about the outside? The exterior of your home should reflect you and the life you've built within.

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When the time comes to place your house on the market, the outside appearance is crucial. Exterior design is a home's first impression. It captures the attention of prospective buyers and gets their imagination flowing. It makes them imagine their own lives within those four walls. It makes them excited to turn the doorknob and take a peak. The National Association of Realtors states that curb appeal is responsible for selling half of all houses placed on the market. 

How to Choose Front Door Colors

Before we answer the question: “what are the best front door colors for tan houses,” we'll go over the basics of door colors. The first thing you may wonder is where to start. Initially, you'll want to think about which colors you like. Although you'll probably be selling your home one day, the most important person to please in the moment is yourself.

Let's say you hate the color green. Regardless of how nice it might look against the paint on the rest of your house, it's safe to say you should cross green off your list of options. Next, think about the style of your home. Is it contemporary? Is it colonial? Is it a rustic, wood cabin? Whatever the design, you'll want to make sure the front door color compliments it.

Once you've narrowed down your color preferences and stylistic goals, you must do some investigative work. We recommend beginning with online research. With a plethora of websites dedicated to home design, it's easy to find great ideas from other home owners like you. Look at what others have done and make notes of homes with similar styles to your own. Figure out what you like and dislike and use that as a guide.

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If online research isn't your thing, take a drive around your community and look at what your neighbors have done with their front doors. Again, pay particular attention to homes similar to your own and you'll be sure to find inspiration.

Key Things to Keep in Mind

There are numerous factors one should consider before deciding which color to paint the front door of their home. Before answering, “What are the best front door colors for tan houses,” we'll again outline the basics. Regardless of your home's color, there are general considerations all home owners should make. Not only should you base your selection on personal preference, you'll also want to choose a color that will appeal to potential buyers. Although it could be years before you sell your home, eventually the time will come.

Curb appeal is a vital component of successful home sales, and the front door is the perfect place to start. Keep the following factors in mind when selecting a color for your front door.

The Style of Your Home

Color Coordination and Contrast

Impression on Visitors

What are the Best Front Door Colors for Tan Houses?

Now that you've absorbed all the information we've discussed above, you may have already answered the question, “What are the best front door colors for tan houses?” No matter what style of home it may be, darker and/or vibrant colors look great against a tan house. This directly relates to the concept of contrast and color coordination. Since tan is a neutral color, it generally matches with all other colors.

The key is to play off of contrast as best you can. Darker colors like navy blue, deep green, rusty red, and dark gray will provide a gorgeous addition to a simple backdrop. If you're a fan of more unusual colors, options such as turquoise, royal blue, bright red, and even deep purple will be stunningly eye-catching. Our top recommendation is any color within the blue family. Generally, most shades of blue are both beautiful and inviting door colors for tan homes.

Highly Recommended Colors

The following are front door colors for tan houses that work exceptionally well.

  • Navy blue
  • Red
  • Dark gray
  • Deep green
  • Royal blue
  • Turquoise


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Many of us put so much energy and focus on the interior of our homes. We fill it with decorations, pictures, appliances, the latest tech products, furniture, people, and so much more. While a good portion of our lives takes place inside our homes, there's no reason to neglect the exterior. It doesn't matter whether you're trying to sell it or stay put; our houses are something we should be proud of, both inside and out. The front door is essentially a gateway into the unique and amazing life you've created for you and the ones you love. When a visitor approaches that door, they should feel thrilled to discover what's inside.

Even if they've been to your home a thousand times, that sense of curiosity and excitement should never go away. The great new is it doesn't have to. The goal of this article was to answer the question, “What are the best front door colors for tan houses?” By now, you should have an excellent understanding of how to start the color selection process and how exterior home style and color play crucial roles in guiding your decision.

You should have also learned that front doors can have a surprising effect on a person's state of mind. Whether they are a friend stopping by, or a stranger browsing for a new home, having a great color on the front door can ignite their positive energy. If you follow the guidelines presented in this article, you'll surely be pleased with the outcome.

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