Home Lighting: Top 5 Ideas To Use For Yourself

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One of the most crucial aspects of a perfectly decorated house is the lighting in each room. Though this may seem like an insignificant detail, home lighting affects the mood of each room, along with complementing the color scheme and decorations within. Have you ever noticed that the classiest, most relaxed bars and restaurants are dimly and softly lit? This is intentional as dim lighting creates a certain ambiance in a space that encourages relaxation and intimacy.

On the other hand, hospitals and supermarkets are often brightly lit, every part of the space completely illuminated. These spaces are meant to feel clean and efficient, which can be accomplished with bright lighting. SInce lighting affects the atmosphere in each room of your house, it is important to consider how you would like these spaces to be used and perceived. Once you have an idea of your lighting preferences, it’s time to explore the options for home lighting and select those that best match your desires.

What Are the Different Home Lighting Options?

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There are a variety of different options when lighting up a room. The first thing to consider is what type of light fixture you would like—a ceiling fixture, a lamp set on a surface around the room, or a variation of string lights. Ceiling lights are most efficient in providing a maximum amount of light, and in most houses, there is one in each room. When planning for your overhead fixture, you must decide between kinds of light bulb based on the hue and brightness you are hoping to attain.

Aside from the overhead fixture, many rooms have lamps to brighten up the space and provide differing levels of light. One or two lamps per room usually do the trick since lamps are often used when you are hoping for a dimly lit room. String lights are also an excellent option when attempting to create a relaxed and intimate ambiance, and they add style to the room as well. String lights look particularly good when draped across a tapestry or a window.

Should You Use Specific Lighting in Certain Rooms?

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Since each room in a house has a vastly different purpose from the next, you should use different lighting in each room. The kitchen and living room should be bright since these rooms are used the most. Most people use these rooms for a variety of activities, many of which require bright lighting. Bedrooms, however, are used mainly for sleeping and relaxing, so their lighting should reflect this use. Most people prefer their bedrooms to be dimmer than the kitchen and living room, and it is advisable to have a bedside lamp to use for late night reading or relaxing.

5 Home Lighting Ideas

One of the best ways to customize your house and create decorations that reflect your taste and individuality is to use DIY home lighting ideas. A light fixture doesn’t have to simply be a light—it can also be a creative and unique decoration. There are many everyday household items that can be used for a light fixture in ways that most people would never have imagined! We have selected five of the easiest and most visually appealing options for DIY home lighting ideas to help you bring your home decorations to a new level of style.

1. Hemp String Lamp

A well-made hemp string lamp appears sophisticated and chic, yet it is incredibly easy to make. To create this light fixture, you will need bouncy balls, clear drying glue, and a spool of hemp string. For a 14″ diameter ball you will need 400 yards, and for a 16″ diameter ball 300 yards will be necessary. Use this general rule to make estimated guesses for the amount of hemp necessary for different sized balls.

hemp string diy lamp

First, draw a circle on the ball with a marker to demarcate the section of the lamp that will need to remain uncovered with string. Then, begin covering the ball with glue and wrapping the hemp around it until it is essentially covered. Once you are satisfied with the amount of hemp and the glue has dried, use an inflating needle to deflate the ball and remove it from the hemp sphere. Now, all you need to do is install a bulb and hang your lamp to complete this classy light fixture.

2. Recycled Tetrabox Lamp

If you’re looking to make an artsy, creative light fixture to set your home apart, this recycled tetrabox lamp may be for you. The only requirement is that you enjoy milk because this lamp requires many empty cartons. First, finish a box of Dutch Lady Coffee Flavored Milk (or any other milk in a cardboard box). Then, take the milk carton apart, resulting in a rectangle of cardboard, and cut the cardboard into strips that are about an inch wide.

tetrabox diy lamp

Fold each strip into a triangle and secure the shape with tape or glue. Attach five or six triangles together into a pentagon or hexagon, and you have the beginning of an amazing light fixture. After completing this process with about twenty milk cartons, you should be able to attach your many pentagons or hexagons together with tape or glue, ultimately creating a sphere. Now, attach a string and place a lightbulb within your lamp, and you have officially turned a few empty boxes of milk into a geometrical masterpiece!

3. Plastic Spoon Lamp

Another surprising kitchen item that can be used for a lovely light fixture is a plastic spoon. Not only does this project result in a visually appealing and creative hanging light, but it also provides the perfect recycling option for your plastic spoons. To create a plastic spoon lamp, you will need a large plastic water bottle (select this based on how large you want your lamp to be), a large number of plastic spoons, and strong glue. First, cut off the handle of each spoon so that just the rounded edge remains.

plastic spoon diy lamp

Glue the ends of the spoons together in a spiral, attaching the outside of one to the inside of another until you have created a circle of spoons. This will go on the very top of the water bottle, on the narrowest part directly below the opening. Then, glue the plastic spoon ends to the water bottle one row at a time, overlapping the bottom of each row on the top of the row preceding it. Use this method to cover the water bottle completely, and eventually, you will have the perfect classic and environmentally friendly lamp to hang in your house.

4. Wooden Clothes Hanger Lamp

Do you ever find your closets full of hangers you don’t need? If so, creating a lamp out of them is the perfect way to use them in a new and visually appealing way. All you need is about ten to fifteen wooden clothes hangers, some very strong scissors, and strong craft or super glue. Once you have collected these items, cut each hanger in half, so that all you have remaining is two pieces of a wooden hanger and no metal hook.

wooden clothes hanger diy lamp

Next, obtain a lightbulb and a sturdy wire or string to hang your lamp. Glue the smaller ends of the hangers to the string in a circle, creating a dome-like shape surrounding the lightbulb within. Ensure that the ends of the hangers are hanging in a near-perfect line to create a symmetrical shape. This lamp is ideal for a simple, minimalistic decoration style.

5. Doily Lamp

Creating a doily lamp is a fun weekend activity that results in a beautifully patterned light fixture, and it’s easy enough to do with children if you’re in search of a hands-on craft. All you need for this project is a few doilies, a balloon, and craft glue. First, blow up a balloon to the desired size of your lamp. The lamp is most attractive if your balloon is circular, but ovular lamps are a fun way to create a slightly more interesting light fixture.

Next, glue doilies around your balloon until they cover it completely, leaving a small hole in one section. Attempt to keep the glue on the outside of the doilies, gluing them to each other rather than to the balloon. Once the glue is dried and you are happy with the shape you have created, prick the balloon and extricate it from the small hole, leaving a beautiful sphere of doilies. Once you insert a lightbulb and string/wire for hanging, you should have a beautiful and unique DIY home lighting to brighten up any room!

doily diy lamp


Decorating a house to fit your needs and desires can be both exciting and stressful, so finding creative and unique ways to do so makes the process much more enjoyable. By creating your own home lighting, you create a house that is uniquely and undeniably yours, reflecting your personal styles and tastes. This also makes the process more satisfying because there are few better feelings than creating something beautiful and practical with your own two hands. If you’re in search of ways to brighten your home and insert your own style into your decorations, these DIY home lighting ideas might be the perfect solution.


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