Top 10 Best Beautiful Back Yard Landscaping Ideas

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When you have a back yard, finding out new ways to decorate it can be difficult if you do not know where to start. There is a lot of potential to do something with the landscape, but everyone’s back yard is different, and a variety of back yard landscaping ideas can be helpful. We will be providing you with 10 of the best back yard landscaping ideas to make your home a more beautiful place, and give you a nice place to spend some time outdoors. These back yard landscaping ideas range from designing the rear of your home to fixing up the garden itself, but there should be plenty of ideas for each person looking to decorate.

Back Yard Landscaping Ideas FAQ

Here are some questions you may have about these particular back yard landscaping ideas:

What Is Landscaping?


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Landscaping is the act of making a yard or other piece of land more attractive by changing the previous design, adding decorative features, and generally sprucing it up with accessories that can affect the home (nicer doors, a new paint job, some new furniture) or garden (planting flowers, trees, and shrubs).

Who Are These Back Yard Landscaping Ideas For?

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These back yard landscaping ideas are for anyone with a back yard that they are looking to make nicer in any way, shape, or form. Make sure to check with your neighbors and family regarding potential allergies, restrictions, or inconveniences that may be relevant to how you design your back yard.

Where Can I Acquire These Products for Landscaping?

Lawn Mower

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You can usually buy them on Amazon, but there are a variety of different stores dedicated to helping you with these back yard landscaping ideas. Look around and do some research on your own to learn more about the potential options for any back yard landscaping ideas.

How Can I Find Out About Back Yard Landscaping Ideas?

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Read this article for ten suggestions of our own, and then do some research of your own! You can also try and come up with your own unique back yard landscaping ideas, and there is plenty of room to just decorate your back yard however you like in order to make it appeal to your tastes.

How We Reviewed the Back Yard Landscaping Ideas

The following methods of back yard landscaping were reviewed based on the following parameters: Features, Pros & Cons, and Price. All of these methods and goods for decorating your back yard should be available for purchase on Amazon, although the prices may vary depending on what you are looking for exactly. You can also try your local florist, gardening store, furniture store, etc.

Overall Price Range

Depending on what you use in order to decorate your back yard, the more expensive installations will tend to be more permanent, but that should not take away from the visual appeal of a temporary solution such as flowers or decorations.

What We Came Up With

  • Put in Dutch Doors
  • Style Your Courtyard
  • Bring in Color with Flowers
  • Add Private Dining Areas
  • Add Pavers
  • Decorate Outdoor Structures
  • Plant Lilies
  • Put Up String Lights
  • Add Planters and Baskets
  • Plant Blooming Shrubs

Put in Dutch Doors

Green Door

Image by Skitterphoto


Key Features of this product include a visual appeal that is sure to have the door to your backyard looking cute and attractive. Dutch doors are designed so that you separately open the top and bottom halves of the door, which can be charming, but they are only somewhat practical. They are useful if you wish to keep children or animals from venturing outside while also letting in a breeze, but they can be slightly inconvenient if you wish to simply step outside. They are also somewhat expensive, with some options on Amazon running thousands of dollars. They also require you to either take your old door out of the frame, or build a whole new doorframe, which can be fairly expensive in its own right independent of the cost of the Dutch doors.


  • Charming visually
  • Can be practical under certain circumstances if you wish to let some air into your house
  • Sure to attract conversation


  • Slightly inconvenient depending on how you need to get outside – they require you to use your hands twice over, which may be a problem if carrying something
  • Can be very expensive depending on where you get them
  • May require you to put in a whole new frame or take out the old doors

Style Your Courtyard


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Styling your courtyard can take on any design you wish to choose from, with anything being possible from hiring a designer to using your own taste to create a coherent look scheme for your back yard. While this can result in a stunning appearance for your back yard, it can also result in hugely expensive product purchases, not to mention relying on someone’s taste (which may not be to everyone’s liking).


  • Can be very beautiful and attractive if done properly
  • Makes your back yard look coherent and well planned if you are good at doing it


  • Potentially very expensive depending on your taste and how many products you feel are necessary to fully style your courtyard
  • Reliant on the taste of yourself or someone else, which does not necessarily translate to a well-received garden

Bring in Color with Flowers


Image by RainWater_Gallery


Key Features of this product include the ability to plot a whole rainbow of colors and sights within your garden, all styled to your liking and in a way that is great for your local environment. Flowers come in so many different varieties and provide a great way to encourage plant growth in your area. Flowers have been used for generations as a sign of welcome and greeting into a home, and they smell naturally beautiful. If you plant enough, it will encourage nearly anyone to want to stop by. They are also cheap and easy to acquire at your local florist or gardening shop. The one potential issue is pollen allergies, which may be a problem for some people who like the look of flowers but cannot tolerate the smell.


  • Beautiful in color and smell
  • Very inviting to almost everyone
  • Great for the local environment thanks to pollination
  • Can be found for cheap


  • Pollen allergies might make this difficult for some
  • Can require a lot of maintenance depending on the type of flowers you favor and how much they require

Add Private Dining Areas

Deck With Dining Set

Image by peperompe


Key Features of this back yard landscaping idea involves designing your back yard in such a way that you can create a private dining area to dine al fresco. This can be potentially expensive depending on how much furniture and designing you need to do, but it can be fairly easy to acquire tables and chairs for cheap, and if your back yard has natural features that allow for you to create a private dining area naturally, go for it!


  • Can be beautiful to dine outside
  • Fairly easy and inexpensive to set up in some cases


  • A truly professional looking private dining area can be fairly expensive
  • Only good for the warmer months of the year

Add Pavers


Image by _Alicja_


Key Features of this product include the ability to turn a garden into an easier place to walk and have some control over, while also giving it a more sophisticated look. Pavers can be purchased on Amazon in a variety of different styles and designs, and can add a certain geometric precision to a back yard that previously looked cluttered or too vacant.


  • Add some symmetry and design to your back yard easily
  • Give some control over where people will stand and walk
  • Easy to acquire and set up


  • Might crush your grass
  • Prices are very variable and so are styles – choose carefully
  • Might not fit your back yard depending on the size

Decorate Outdoor Structures


Image by ljlabarthe


Key Features of this product include the ability to take advantage of pre existing structures in your back yard and making them pop via whatever means you may choose. You can decorate them with lights, paint, plants, or anything of your choosing, but it allows you to take full advantage of the pre-existing design that was there beforehand. Build upon what you have using whatever you want! This may require you to have good taste, or to rely on someone else’s, because how you choose to decorate your outdoor structures may not necessarily be acceptable to everyone.


  • Freedom to do whatever you want at whatever price fits your range
  • Don’t need to buy any new structures because they are there already
  • Decorations can be purchased in any fashion that fits your needs and desires


  • Reliant on your taste and finances, which may not be up to your ideal
  • If you don’t have any outdoor structures, they can be very expensive to purchase and might not lend themselves to decoration

Plant Lilies


Image by evaboehm


Key Features of the crinum lily include the ability to withstand droughts, a lack of fertilizer, and especially hot seasons that could prove dehydrating to another plant. They smell beautiful, have large bulbs that make them resistant to damage once they are fully grown, and come in a variety of different colors that allow you to accessorize your back yard however you choose. For anyone who likes flowers, this is as easy as it gets. The only problem is that they can run expensive for flowers, at about an average price per bulb on Amazon, and you might prefer a different kind regardless of the maintenance requirements of those flowers. They are also best designed for people who live in sunnier parts of the country, requiring about five hours of sunlight per day even if they do not require as much of everything else.


  • Beautiful, durable flowers
  • Low maintenance, handle drought, sun and lack of fertilizer very easily
  • Plenty of colors available for your preferences


  • By the standards of flowers, they are expensive
  • Very strong smell can trigger asthma or allergies for certain people
  • Most of them are significantly easier for people who live in the South, as they require about five hours of sunlight per day

Put Up String Lights

Light Bulbs

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Key Features of string lights include a simple, clean way to brighten up your back yard and give some of your own personal flair to it. They make it easier to navigate the back yard at night, and are good for all seasons (although they will fit in the most with your neighbors around Christmas). They are relatively cheap, running for about an affordable price on Amazon, and can be found fairly easily in a variety of different lengths and colors. You can easily put them up anywhere, the only question is whether your neighbors will appreciate bright lights that could potentially be on at late hours.


  • Cheap and easy to work with
  • Automatically adds brightness and beauty to the surrounding environment of your back yard
  • Can be placed anywhere to add continuity between the front of your house and the back
  • Lots of different colors and lengths available


  • Might be seen as too Christmas-y
  • Could potentially be inconsiderate to your neighbors if the lights shine in their windows at late hours
  • Might be troublesome to hang up

Add Planters and Baskets


Image by Free-Photos


Key Features of planters and baskets include the ability to add a vertical component to your back yard. You can layer them so people have plenty to stare at, from the higher leveled items to the plants that need to be closer to the ground. The best visual comparison is that when it is done right, it resembles a series of waves and mountains of flowers. The three types of plants in the baskets include the spiller (goes over the edges), the filler (does not go over the edges), and the thriller (an eye-catching centerpiece). It can be the most immersive experience possible for your back yard, the only potential problem is the potential to trigger pollen allergies. Prices can range can be affordable on Amazon depending on what you are looking for.


  • Incredibly beautiful and immersive if done correctly
  • Lots of varieties to choose from
  • Gives a three-dimensional effect to your back yard


  • Could be triggering to pollen allergies
  • Requires a lot of careful planning and organization to provide the full effect

Plant Blooming Shrubs


Image by Couleur


Key Features of blooming shrubs are the quickest and easiest way to transform a garden into something more exciting. Everyone’s eye is consistently drawn to the bright colors and unusual sight of a tree in full bloom with flowers, and they are a great way to add some color. Blooming shrubs come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, and you can easily choose one based on your needs of space and price.


  • Easy to find something that fits your needs if you look hard enough
  • Quick and efficient way to make your back yard look different from the others
  • Variety of different colors, sizes, and shades available for anyone who wants them


  • Potential to trigger pollen allergies
  • Some of them require a lot of space to grow properly – a favorite is the Chinese snowball, which can grow up to 20 feet tall and wide and is fairly easy to care for
  • Best suited for the warmer months, may simply be irritating in the winter months as they take up too much space

The Verdict

So which of these back yard landscaping ideas is the best for you? A lot of this depends on whether you are a beginner in your gardening ability or an expert, with the price and space of your back yard being a major factor. For those of you who are less experienced, planting lilies and purchasing string lights are the easiest ways to go. The string lights are a cheap and easy way to decorate, and they can be customized as necessary to add a glow to your back yard. The lilies require some sunlight and can otherwise stand up to a lot of the potential troubles that are associated with inexperienced gardeners, such as not giving the plants enough water.

Also, a good option for a beginner is the pavers, which are customizable and easy to acquire in a style that suits you via Amazon. For a more experienced stylist, it is recommended that you take advantage of the more “free choice” suggestions we have listed here. The planters and baskets will make your back yard a fully immersive experience if you know what you are doing with plants, and the styling of your courtyard and outdoor structures (if you have them) will be the ultimate test of your ability to decorate. You should have free reign to do whatever you want with your back yard if you can embrace the variety of options out there and you don’t have any restrictions regarding allergies or neighbors – happy decorating!


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