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Pebble Shower Floor Pros and Cons

Shower with Pebble Flooring

A pebble shower floor is a beautiful and relatively easy way to introduce a natural ambiance into your home. However, as with any bathroom remodeling project, you’ll want to do your research before investing your time and hard-earned money in such a project.

So, before you commit to transforming your standard tile floor into a riverbed, you should be informed on pebble shower floor pros and cons.

Pebble Shower Floor Pros and Cons

Below we’ve summarized the most significant pros and cons of a stone-bedded floor, and we’ll dive into each one in more detail because there are a few caveats.


  • Affordable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Durable


  • High maintenance
  • Potential water retention issues
  • You may need the help of a professional

Pebble Shower Floor Pros and Cons

Pebble Shower Floor Pros

Let’s start with the pros of these gorgeous shower floors.

1.   Affordable

These smooth stoned floors appear luxurious, but you’ll be surprised to find out that you can achieve its chic look with a modest budget.

The materials needed are minimal and cheap; they include round pebbles, grout, adhesive mortar, and sealant. As far as tools are concerned, you’ll need a trowel, a bucket, a clean rag, and a pair of able hands.

If you collect your own pebbles, this will further cut material costs. Another helpful tip to making the project more affordable is using mostly large stones because they’ll require less grout to fill the spaces between them.

Pebble shower floors are also relatively cheap to repair, which is a long-term advantage. As you see, you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve your dream shower floor.

2.   Slip Resistant

Most would think that stone floors would be too slippery for shower use, but the opposite is true when installed correctly. Don’t skip steps in the installation process.

Be sure to choose smooth round pebbles, and discard any cracked stones with sharp edges.

You’ll also need to use the right amount of sealant to prevent slippage.

3.   Durable

Pebbles are rocks, so what better material to stand the test of time. This type of floor is more resistant to scratches, cracks, and other wear and tear than more traditional bathroom floor tile.

Rest assured that if you’re meticulous about the maintenance of your pebble flooring, you’ll enjoy its aesthetic for years on.

Pebble Shower Floor

Pebble Shower Floor Cons

Now that we’ve covered the pros, let’s dive into some of the cons of pebble flooring.

1.   High Maintenance

Compared to conventional tile floors, pebble shower floors do require more upkeep. Proper maintenance is essential if you expect your shower floor to last for years. You always want your grout and sealer to be in tip-top condition.

It’s best if your bathroom has good ventilation to ensure that the floor completely dries after each shower use. You must clean the stones periodically, and we will explain how to do so in more detail.

Some people live in areas with hard water. In that case, the stones will require more frequent cleaning to prevent the notorious chalk film from accumulating.

It’s best to reseal a pebble shower floor every six to twelve months. If you don’t have the time and discipline to invest in the upkeep, opt for a more practical tiling that is more suitable for your lifestyle.

2.   You May Need To Call a Professional

Pebble shower floors have a reputation of being easy to install, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get great results. For example, before you lay a single pebble, you’ll need to ensure that the quality and condition of the shower floor are suitable for layering with stones and other materials.

Make sure you lay the rocks nicely, starting from the edges of the shower floor, inward. Please don’t overdo it with the sealer. Using too much sealer can make the pebbled floor slippery and more dangerous when wet.

As you can see, this type of project does require some skill, or at the least, patience and a good eye for detail.

It is possible to Do-It-Yourself, but keep in mind that poor installation may cause issues that make you regret your vision altogether. Don’t get discouraged if you know you are not the handyman (or handywoman) type; that’s why we have professionals.

3.   Potential Water Retention Issues

The uneven nature of this type of flooring is part of its charm, but it can also lead to water retention between the pebbles. Standing water can cause mildew and mold to grow, so a steep gradient for proper water drainage and ventilation is essential to prevent it.

Fungi growing on your shower floor is not just an eyesore, but it can be a potential health hazard.

Pay attention to any odd changes in the stones’ appearance or any unpleasant smells.

Pebble Shower Floor FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions that you may have also asked yourself.

Are Pebble Shower Floors Safe?

The short answer: yes!

Pebble shower floors are not more slippery than conventional tile when appropriately installed.

The combination of the different shapes and sizes of stones, along with the grout and sealant layers, will provide a good amount of grip and traction for your wet feet.

If you still prefer to be on the safe side, you can choose a shower floor mat that complements the stones and the rest of your bathroom.

We’ve emphasized the importance of good maintenance for the longevity of pebble shower floors, but it is essential for safety as well. Do not neglect pebbles that are loose and move in place, and repair any cracked stones to prevent accidents.

Are Pebble Shower Floors Comfortable To Stand On?

Most people would say yes. While it may not appear so, the slight pressure the pebbles apply to the soles of the feet can be compared to a foot massage. Reflexology anyone?

With the addition of running water and perhaps a scented candle, your shower can become a spa experience—what a treat at the end of a long day.

Suppose you find standing on pebbles to be uncomfortable. In that case, you can shower with flip-flops, so you still get to enjoy the appearance of a riverbed underneath your feet.

Are Pebble Shower Floors Hard To Clean?

If installed correctly, cleaning a pebble shower floor should not be complicated; however, it takes more frequent cleaning than other tile floors.

You can use your handy tile cleaner or make a simple DIY solution that consists of 3 parts water and 1 part vinegar. Add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil to give it a pleasant aroma. Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle, and you have a cheap and effective pebble shower floor cleaner.

Remember, the shower floor should be dry after cleaning because wet grout can lead to mold.

Is a Pebble Shower Floor Right for You?

Pebbles come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. You can also play with the spacing between the stones giving you limitless options to achieve your desired shower floor. You can collect your own pebbles from a place that has sentimental value to you, and make your shower even more special.

While the maintenance of a pebble shower floor can sound daunting, it may not feel like such a hassle once you merge it into your weekly cleaning routine. Some people make the chore ceremonial.

In summary, if you have the time, patience, and discipline to maintain this unique flooring, it’s definitely worth the investment, and you’ll enjoy your river-like shower floor for many years.

If your bathroom doesn’t have proper ventilation, or If you live in an area with hard water, you may want to consider other options.

Now that you know the pros and cons of pebble shower floors, you can make an informed decision. Do you want to tackle this project yourself, do you prefer to call an expert to help bring your vision to life, or maybe you’ll pass on it all together?

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with enough information to end your dilemma.

If you decide to take on this project, here’s a quick five-step guide to get you started.

Do It Yourself- How To Install a Pebble Shower Floor

Before starting the installation process, check the floor’s integrity and fix any issues that may hinder the process or cause future problems.

Ensure the floor is waterproof and has a steep enough gradient for efficient drainage. As mentioned before, you may need an expert for this step if you lack the knowledge and experience.

  1. On a clean floor, use a trowel to apply a ⅛ inch layer of adhesive mortar, like Thinset. Place the pebbles starting from the edges of the shower floor, then circle the drain and lastly fill in the gaps in the middle.

You can use smaller pebbles to fill in the spaces and more Thinset until you achieve the design you like. Once you’re done, leave it to dry for at least 24 hours, but you may want to wait 48 hours to be sure it’s completely dry.

2. Nest, apply a decent layer of sealer- not too little but not too much. You want enough sealer to coat the pebbles and the Thinset between them, but don’t drown them with it. This first layer of sealant is to just prevent the color of the grout from staining the pebbles. Let the sealant cure before continuing, it may take 18-24 hours.

3. Mix the grout with water in a bucket until you get the desired consistency- it should be a bit thick but not too stiff. Apply the grout evenly on the floor with a trowel or grout float, again, covering both the pebbles and the spaces between them. Once you finish this step let it sit for 20-30 minutes.

4. After 30 minutes, use a clean wet cloth to clean any excess grout from the floor. It’s best to rinse your cloth after each wipe to avoid reapplying grout to the clean pebbles. Repeat this step as many times as needed until all of the excess grout is cleaned. Once you’re done leave it dry for 24 hours.

5. After 24 hours apply a final layer of sealer to the floor, and let it dry for an additional 24 hours.

There are plenty of DIY pebble shower floor resources on the internet in case you want more detailed instructions. You can also look for other details to complete the naturalistic vibe. Maybe a green plant, neutral-colored towels, and an essential oil diffuser.

Once you’re done, you’ll be good and ready for a relaxing shower.

Top 10 Best Snow Blowers for Home Use

man using the snow blower

For those of us who live in areas with light to heavy snowfall, we understand how difficult and time-consuming dealing with the snow around our homes and driveways can be. Luckily for us, there are the best snow blowers for home use available on the market that will cut down on the time we spend removing snow from our property. No matter our needs or unique situations, there is a snow blower out there made to help us tackle the problem.

The market for snow blowers can be confusing as there are so many models out there made for different levels of snowfall. Our team of experts is excited to share with you an exclusive top ten list of the best snow blowers for home use to help you decide which is best for you. We will also include suggestions and recommendations for the amount of snow each blower can handle so you can easily tell which is right for your needs.

Snow Blowers: FAQ

1. What Are the Different Types of Best Snow Blowers for Home Use?

There are single-stage electric snow blowers, battery-powered, single-stage gas, two-stage gas, and three-stage gas snow blowers. Single-stage electric blowers offer lightweight, easy-to-use, quiet operation and are best for smaller areas such as decks and small paved driveways. These require less maintenance than their gas-powered counterparts, but keep in mind they must be plugged in while in use and they are not ideal for steep hills.

Battery-powered snow blowers offer all the versatility and convenience of electric without the annoying cord. Keep in mind, however, that these models cannot handle much more than four inches of snow and are therefore ideal for smaller spaces. Single-stage gas blowers are much larger than electric ones and work well with up to nine inches of snow. Remember that, although these offer more power than electric and battery-operated blowers, they still cannot handle slopes well due to their augers not being powerful enough. You should also avoid using these on loose gravel.

Two-stage gas blowers are heavier than their single-stage counterparts and they include an internal impeller to move snow out of the way of the discharge chute. For this reason, these can usually handle much more snow: up to sixteen inches! These are fine over gravel and other terrains but do remember that these models are heavier, larger, and much more expensive.

Three-stage gas blowers can handle the most, boasting capabilities of handling up to eighteen inches of heavy and wet snow. These have an auger and an impeller, of which the impeller has an accelerator. Use this kind if you have extremely large areas that need to be cleared of snow. You can take these virtually anywhere, be it gravel, steep slopes, or anything in between. However, power comes with a price—these are the most expensive and heaviest models on the market.

2. Overall Price Range?

As with most consumer products, the price range of the best snow blowers for home use may vary depending on the customer’s needs, budget, and uses. Snow blowers, in general, tend to be more expensive products and as such we recommend you consider this a long-term investment. Put aside money for this product and make sure you don’t sell yourself short by picking out the first and least expensive model you come across. Our top ten list will help you decide which snow blower will benefit you the most.

For our list, we only included snow blowers we feel offer the best value for the money and are excellent choices for our budget-conscious readers. 

How We Reviewed

Our team of experts has spent much time and effort researching and testing out different best snow blowers for home use in order to bring you this unbiased best-of list featuring only the top ten models available to you on the market today. We reviewed each item on the list based on the following parameters: their features, their pros and cons, their pricing, where to buy them, and their individual product warranties.

What We Reviewed

  • Ariens 921046 Deluxe 28 in. Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower
  • Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch 208cc Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower
  • Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower
  • Poulan Pro PR270, 27 in. 254cc LCT Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower
  • Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower
  • Troy-Bilt Squall 208cc Electric Start 21-Inch Single Stage Gas Snow Thrower
  • Briggs & Stratton 1022ER Single Stage Snowthrower Snow Thrower
  • EGO 21 in. Single-Stage 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Snow Blower
  • Cub Cadet 3X 30 in. 420cc Track Drive Three-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower
  • Cub Cadet 24 in. 208 cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

Ariens 921046 Deluxe 28 in.
Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

This is one of the best snow blowers for home use because it has a whopping 28-inch wide path that is capable of clearing snow up to a depth of 21 inches. The snow-throwing distance maximum of this machine is an impressive 50 feet, ensuring the snow you move stays out of your property and out of your way.

There are a total of six different forward speeds and two reverse, but keep in mind this machine is extremely heavy at 275 pounds. Rather than wheels, this machine stands on superior tracks that allow it to tackle any terrain with ease. The engine is a solidly built 254cc Briggs and Stratton brand, and this blower even comes with a halogen headlight!


  • Electric, easy startup
  • Headlight built-in
  • Reliable engine
  • Tracks instead of wheels


  • Expensive compared to similar models
  • Heavy and bulky

This product comes with a three-year warranty.

Husqvarna ST224 24-Inch
208cc Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

No products found.

This is one of the best snow blowers for home use because it is a two-stage electric model that is capable of clearing large amounts of snow in conditions where lesser snow blowers would crack under pressure. It features a heavy-duty auger and an impeller that will vanquish snow of all kinds, whether it be light and airy or heavy and wet. Those who own this snow blower have little negative to say about it, some even liken it to churning through snow like a “hot knife through butter.” While it’s heavyweight, it features power steering and has a variable gearbox that makes controlling it a snap.


  • Two-stage electric model
  • Great for large amounts of snow
  • Heavy-duty auger and impeller
  • Heavy but easy to handle


  • Heavyweight
  • Bulky/large

This product comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ620
18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower
  • Ideal for quick snow pickups on mid-sized driveways and walkways.
  • No gas, oil or tune-ups make it effortless to start and maintain.
  • Powerful 13.5-amp motor moves up to 650 lbs of snow per minute.
  • 4-blade steel auger cuts 18 in. wide by 10 in. deep with each pass.
  • 180° adjustable directional chute throws snow up to 20 ft.

This is one of the best snow blowers for home use because it features an 18-inch wide path for clearing snow up to eight inches. This blower is capable of moving up to 550 pounds of snow per minute. While this is lacking compared to the Toro model we reviewed below, this model is about half the price and still holds up against the competition. It features a push-button start with a safety switch. It weighs only 33 pounds making it one of the more maneuverable models out there. It brings economic performance to the table and removes a high volume of snow for being an electric model.


  • Easily maneuverable on flat surfaces
  • Removes up to 550 pounds of snow per minute
  • Easy and safe startup
  • Highly affordable price


  • Struggles with heavier snow
  • Only available from 3rd party sellers on Amazon

This product comes with a full two-year warranty.

Poulan Pro PR270, 27 in.
254cc LCT Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

Poulan Pro PR270, 27 in. 254cc LCT Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower
  • 254 cc Poulan PRO engine; Transmission type: Friction Disc
  • Remote Chute Deflector/Remote Chute Rotator
  • Homeowner Warranty: 2 years; Gross Torque: 9.5 lb-ft
  • Electric Start
  • 27-Inch Two Stage

This is one of the best snow blowers for home use because it has a reliable 254cc Poulan PRO engine with a friction disc transmission. It has a torque of 9.5 pounds-feet and features an electric start for an easier time starting up. Since it’s a two-stage model, it’s perfect for mid-sized projects that aren’t too big or too small. Perhaps its best feature is its control panel that’s thoughtfully placed and allows all major functions to be easily accessible since it’s mounted between the bars. Keep in mind that this model is heavy at 240 pounds and can prove difficult to handle on rough terrain or slopes.


  • 254cc engine
  • Electric startup
  • Two-stage model
  • Easy-to-access control panel


  • Heavyweight
  • Bulky and requires extra room for storage

This product comes with a two-year homeowner’s warranty.

Toro 38381 18-Inch 15
Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

No products found.

This is one of the best snow blowers for home use because it features an eighteen-inch swath and has a clearing depth that maxes out at twelve inches. Although users describe this machine as being more light and maneuverable, it still holds its own by boasting up to 750 pounds of snow removal per minute. It clears the snow out of your way for good because it features a throw distance of up to 30 feet. This machine weighs only 25 pounds which makes it easy to move around and remove snow at a fast pace. It also comes with a zip deflector so you can adjust the height at which you throw the snow.


  • Handle that changes direction
  • Light and maneuverable model
  • Clearing depth of up to 12 inches
  • Up to 750 pounds of snow removed per minute


  • Not for small jobs
  • Not ideal for heavy/wet snow

This product comes with a two-year warranty.

Troy-Bilt Squall 208cc Electric
Start 21-Inch Single Stage Gas Snow Thrower

Troy-Bilt Squall 208cc Electric Start 21-Inch Single Stage Gas Snow Thrower
  • Powered by a dependable 208cc 4-Cycle Electric Start OHV gas engine for maximum power, performance, and durability
  • Clears snowy walkways up to 21 inches wide and 13 inches deep in one pass and equipped with deluxe reversible skid shoes for more control
  • E-Z Chute technology with manual pitch control lets you adjust the direction of snow discharge up to 180 degrees.
  • Durable 8 x 2-inch Deluxe tires provide good traction in snowy conditions
  • Backed by an extended 2-year warranty.

This is one of the best snow blowers for home use because it is incredibly reliable and features a well-built 208cc four-cycle overhead valve gas engine you’ll be able to count on time and time again. It has a push-button electric start for an easy time starting it up and its path width is an impressive 21 inches. It’s capable of cutting through a whopping 13 inches of snow at a time! The two-way chute is made of sturdy polymer and spins a full 180 degrees so you can easily adjust where you throw discarded snow. For ease of operation, this model features a gull-wing bar that’s ergonomic and simple in construction.


  • Reliable 208cc engine
  • Path width of 21 inches
  • Cuts through up to 13 inches of snow at a time
  • Simple to operate


  • Assembly is required upon purchase
  • Instruction manual does not have ample directions

This product comes with a two-year extended warranty.

Briggs & Stratton 1022ER
Single Stage Snowthrower Snow Thrower

Briggs & Stratton 1022ER 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower with Push Button Electric Start and Remote Chute Rotation Crank
  • Briggs & Stratton 950 Snow Series Engine specially Designed to start strong and Power through in the toughest winter conditions
  • Push button electric start offers quick and Easy starting, down to 20 degrees below Zero
  • Handle mounted remote chute rotation handle allows for Easy chute direction changes on the go
  • Quick adjust deflector allows for an Easy change of the height and distance snow is thrown with a Simple Squeeze of the chute mounted handle
  • Wear resistant rubber edged auger clears snow down to the pavement and helps propel the snow blower forward

This is one of the best snow blowers for home use because it is a compact and efficient model. It features a 208cc engine and is a single-stage gas-powered blower that’s great for use on driveways and other paved terrains. It may look small, but it packs a punch and is convenient for those with limited storage space. The startup is of a push-button nature and the chute control system is crank-based for ease of use. The auger features rubber edges to help keep water and snow off the machine while it’s in use.


  • Quick-adjust deflector
  • Easy to control from handlebars
  • Compact size
  • 208cc engine


  • Not as powerful as larger models
  • Not ideal for big jobs

This product comes with a two-year warranty.

EGO 21 in. Single-Stage 56-Volt
Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Snow Blower

EGO Power+ SNT2102 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower with Peak Power Two 5.0Ah Batteries and Charger Included
  • Peak power technology combines the power of 2 ego power plus 56-volt batteries
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • 21-inch clearing width, clears 8” Snow in 10 Car Driveway
  • Up to 35 feet snow throwing distance
  • Push-button start

This is one of the best snow blowers for home use and is highly recommended if you live in a smaller area that has mild snowfall. This particular model boasts two rechargeable 5.0Ah 56-volt ARC lithium batteries and a brushless motor. Its clearance width is a substantial 21 inches, and it is capable of throwing snow up to 35 feet. The auger has varying speeds that are easy to control and you can adjust the chute right from the handlebars for ease of use.


  • Folds flat for storage
  • Great for those with limited storage space
  • Ideal for light snowfall or small areas
  • Rechargeable running batteries


  • Not as powerful as gas-powered blowers
  • Not for large jobs

This product comes with a five-year limited warranty.

Cub Cadet 3X 30 in. 420cc
Track Drive Three-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

This is one of the best snow blowers for home use because it can tackle any type of snow or ice with ease. If you’re recovering from a huge storm or you happen to live in an area that frequently gets snow, this machine is perfect for you. This powerful machine boasts a whopping 420cc four-cycle overhead valve engine. It has an electric startup for an easy time and power steering to help you clear out snow in record time with ease. Rather than wheels, this machine sits on tracks that allow it to handle the worst terrains easily.

It features multiple LED headlights, handlebars that are heated, a total of eight different speeds, a 30-inch wide clearance and an impressive 200-degree high-arching chute that’s fully movable so you can easily control where you want discarded snow to go.


  • 420cc engine
  • Ideal for even the toughest jobs
  • Handles tough terrain easily
  • Headlights and heated handlebars


  • Not for small or medium jobs
  • Highest in price

This product comes with a three-year limited residential/one-year limited commercial warranty.

Cub Cadet 24 in. 208 cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

This is one of the best snow blowers for home use because it packs a punch but is smaller than competition models, making it great for those who have a lot of snow to deal with but also limited storage space. It has an overhead valve four-cycle engine that features two stages with an electric easy startup. Its total clearance is 24 inches wide and 21 inches high. This is smaller than other models but is substantial enough to hold its own.

Users agree this model has the convenience of use on its side because of its self-propelling abilities, six forward speeds, and two reverse speeds. Its high-traction tires, easy handling, and four-way pitch control snow chute make it a formidable choice.


  • Self-propelling
  • Tires can handle any terrain
  • Safe and easy to handle
  • Compact and requires less storage space


  • Smaller clearance window
  • Higher in price than models of its caliber

This product comes with a three-year residential/one-year commercial warranty.

​The Verdict

man clearing snow

image source: Pixabay

We hope our list of the top ten best snow blowers for home use has given you some substantial options for moving the snow away from your property with a minimal struggle. If you live in an area that gets light snowfall or if you have a smaller property, we recommend the EGO 21 in. Single-Stage 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Snow Blower as it’s efficient, smaller, and easier to handle.

If your area experiences large amounts of snowfall or if your property has tough terrain, we recommend the Cub Cadet 3X 30 in. 420cc Track Drive Three-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower. Although it comes with a price tag, there isn’t a job it cannot handle.

Featured Image via Pixabay

What Are the Best Front Door Colors for Tan House?

what are the best front door colors for tan house similar to this

One aspect of a home's exterior that stands out the most is the front door. As simple as it may sound, having a great front door color is one of the most significant aesthetic qualities a home can have. Naturally, the best color for a door depends on the color of the house. As one of the most common paint colors for American homes, we focused on tan houses in this article. With that said, what are the best front door colors for tan houses?

A person's home is one of their most valuable possessions. Beyond a financial standpoint, our homes are where we form our most treasured memories with family and friends. They're where we play, work, relax, grow, learn, and most importantly, live. Your home is something to be cherished. It's easy to feel the love on the inside, but what about the outside? The exterior of your home should reflect you and the life you've built within.

tan house with wooden door

Image by Jnzl's Photos from Flickr

When the time comes to place your house on the market, the outside appearance is crucial. Exterior design is a home's first impression. It captures the attention of prospective buyers and gets their imagination flowing. It makes them imagine their own lives within those four walls. It makes them excited to turn the doorknob and take a peak. The National Association of Realtors states that curb appeal is responsible for selling half of all houses placed on the market. 

How to Choose Front Door Colors

Before we answer the question: “what are the best front door colors for tan houses,” we'll go over the basics of door colors. The first thing you may wonder is where to start. Initially, you'll want to think about which colors you like. Although you'll probably be selling your home one day, the most important person to please in the moment is yourself.

Let's say you hate the color green. Regardless of how nice it might look against the paint on the rest of your house, it's safe to say you should cross green off your list of options. Next, think about the style of your home. Is it contemporary? Is it colonial? Is it a rustic, wood cabin? Whatever the design, you'll want to make sure the front door color compliments it.

Once you've narrowed down your color preferences and stylistic goals, you must do some investigative work. We recommend beginning with online research. With a plethora of websites dedicated to home design, it's easy to find great ideas from other home owners like you. Look at what others have done and make notes of homes with similar styles to your own. Figure out what you like and dislike and use that as a guide.

KILZ Over Armor Smooth Wood and Concrete Coating

Image from Amazon

If online research isn't your thing, take a drive around your community and look at what your neighbors have done with their front doors. Again, pay particular attention to homes similar to your own and you'll be sure to find inspiration.

Key Things to Keep in Mind

There are numerous factors one should consider before deciding which color to paint the front door of their home. Before answering, “What are the best front door colors for tan houses,” we'll again outline the basics. Regardless of your home's color, there are general considerations all home owners should make. Not only should you base your selection on personal preference, you'll also want to choose a color that will appeal to potential buyers. Although it could be years before you sell your home, eventually the time will come.

Curb appeal is a vital component of successful home sales, and the front door is the perfect place to start. Keep the following factors in mind when selecting a color for your front door.

The Style of Your Home

Color Coordination and Contrast

Impression on Visitors

What are the Best Front Door Colors for Tan Houses?

Now that you've absorbed all the information we've discussed above, you may have already answered the question, “What are the best front door colors for tan houses?” No matter what style of home it may be, darker and/or vibrant colors look great against a tan house. This directly relates to the concept of contrast and color coordination. Since tan is a neutral color, it generally matches with all other colors.

The key is to play off of contrast as best you can. Darker colors like navy blue, deep green, rusty red, and dark gray will provide a gorgeous addition to a simple backdrop. If you're a fan of more unusual colors, options such as turquoise, royal blue, bright red, and even deep purple will be stunningly eye-catching. Our top recommendation is any color within the blue family. Generally, most shades of blue are both beautiful and inviting door colors for tan homes.

Highly Recommended Colors

The following are front door colors for tan houses that work exceptionally well.

  • Navy blue
  • Red
  • Dark gray
  • Deep green
  • Royal blue
  • Turquoise


KILZ Over Armor Textured Wood&Concrete Coating

Image from Amazon

Many of us put so much energy and focus on the interior of our homes. We fill it with decorations, pictures, appliances, the latest tech products, furniture, people, and so much more. While a good portion of our lives takes place inside our homes, there's no reason to neglect the exterior. It doesn't matter whether you're trying to sell it or stay put; our houses are something we should be proud of, both inside and out. The front door is essentially a gateway into the unique and amazing life you've created for you and the ones you love. When a visitor approaches that door, they should feel thrilled to discover what's inside.

Even if they've been to your home a thousand times, that sense of curiosity and excitement should never go away. The great new is it doesn't have to. The goal of this article was to answer the question, “What are the best front door colors for tan houses?” By now, you should have an excellent understanding of how to start the color selection process and how exterior home style and color play crucial roles in guiding your decision.

You should have also learned that front doors can have a surprising effect on a person's state of mind. Whether they are a friend stopping by, or a stranger browsing for a new home, having a great color on the front door can ignite their positive energy. If you follow the guidelines presented in this article, you'll surely be pleased with the outcome.

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Top 10 Best Desks for Home

table with laptop and and person study

A well-designed desk not only enhances the appearance and the aesthetics of space but can also drastically improve your productivity. If you’re looking for desks for home use, there are several options available in the market. Sometimes, the sheer number of choices may overwhelm, making it difficult for you to identify the desk that’s best for you. To help you out, we’ve curated this list of the ten best desks for home use. We’ve also prepared a comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed decision. Look at the desks that made it to the list and carefully consider each one.

Comparison Table

Best Desks for Home FAQ

Before we move on to the list, let us first look at the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on desks for home use.

1. What Can Desks for Home Be Used For?

2. What Are the Different Types of Desks for Home Use?

3. What Are Factors to Consider before Buying Desks for Home Use?

4. What Are the Various Materials Used to Make Desktops?

5. Where Can You Buy Desks for Home Use?

How We Reviewed


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We conducted extensive research on the internet to come up with a list of the best desks for home use. After the list was prepared, our team of reviewers took up reviewing each product by its features, its different variants, its pros and cons, and its price. Once that was done and dusted, our team then compared each product with the others on the list to come up with a fair verdict.

Overall Price Range of the Best Desks for Home Use

Desks that are made from exotic wood and premium materials cost a lot more than ones that are made from inexpensive, easy-to-find materials. Also, desks with intricate patterns, etchings, and decorations are likely to drive the price up exponentially.

What We Reviewed

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk


This is one of the best desks for homes are in need of a corner counter. The desk comes with an extended desktop that offers enough and more space to allow you to work comfortably. It is supported by a rugged and durable steel frame that ensures that the desk stands stably without wobbling. They make the top from E1-class environment-friendly particle board, and the pack includes all the parts and tools necessary for assembly. Putting the desk together is a cinch, thanks to its M-style buckled design. The desk also comes with a free CPU stand.


This desk is available in a choice of six options, namely a black desktop with black legs, a dark teak desktop with black legs, a lighter teak desktop with black legs, a white desktop with black legs, a walnut desktop with white legs, and a white desktop with white legs.


  • Sturdy and hard-wearing construction
  • Ample desk space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design


  • No holes for passing cords through
  • Vague assembly instructions

GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk

GreenForest L Shaped Gaming Desk 58.1 inch Home Corner Office Desk Writing Studying Computer Table PC Workstation for Home Office Bedroom, Black
  • L Shaped Gaming Desk Saving-Space : You have more choices of the computer desks in your limited space , besides the rectangle computer writing desk , this 3-piece L shaped computer desk is the better choice which fits snugly in every corner , providing more space for working , studying , gaming in bedroom room , home office room and home entertainment center.
  • Reversible L Corner Computer Desk: Come with 2 different length board ,long board size: 39x18.9 inch short panel size:25.2x18.9 inch. this 3-piece L desk can be installed with the longer board placed on either side for more flexible use. 29.1 inch height provides plenty of leg room for rest and enough space for CPU stand display.
  • Spacious L Shaped Office Desk: with 58.1 inch length from left to right , the black L-shape computer desk can hold at least 2 monitors, laptops, or computers , providing spacious top surface for gaming activities ,home office work, engineering drawing and other activities which demand more space. You can form the” U “shaped workstation by getting 2 l-shape desk together.
  • Solid and Stable Corner Desk for small space: Made of high quality Eco-friendly P2 particle board as the table surface, our computer writing desk is moisture-proof and scratch-resistant . It is very easy to clean and not easy to leave fingerprint and other mark from drinks. Combined with metal frame and bracket, plus the leveling stud, make the desktop more solid and quite stable on floor or carpet.
  • L Shaped Corner Desk : What you get: one L shaped gaming computer desk with worry-free warranty and no hesitation after-sales service. You satisfaction is the ultimate and only goal we have been seeking. This L -shaped desk is a perfect gifts for your boyfriend or husband who is in love with the gaming.


With a design that includes three parts, making the structure easy to switch, this is one of the best desks for home use regularly. It features a desktop made from environmental particle board and comes with melamine finished metal frame that keeps the desk stable. The three parts come with different widths, so you can use them to accommodate a variety of items. Another user-friendly aspect that this desk features is the curved leg design, which helps minimize wobbling and keeps the frame in place. They equip the bottoms of the legs with plastic cups to protect your floor from scratches.


This computer office desk is available is a choice of four desktop variants, namely black, bright walnut, dark walnut, and oak.


  • Ample desk space
  • Attractive and aesthetic design
  • Light yet sturdy built
  • Switchable L-arms


  • Black version isn’t fingerprint-proof
  • Hard to follow the instructions

Tribesigns Computer Desk

Tribesigns Computer Desk, 63 inch Large Office Desk Computer Table Study Writing Desk for Home Office, Walnut + Black Leg
  • [MODERN SIMPLE DESK COMPUTER TABLE OFFICE DESKS ]- with metal legs and adjustable leg pads, made the desks keep stable even on uneven floor
  • [WIDEN DESKTOP & SPACIOUS LEG ROOM ]- 23.6" wide, provide ample space for computer, monitor, printer , writing, study and other home office activities, the underneath leg distance is 58.26" you can make the best of it in a dorm room, Great for allowing tall people plenty of leg room
  • [SUPER STURDY ] – desktop made of 0.59" thicker laminated MDF, waterproof and ant scratch, very easy to clean, computer frame is made of heavy duty powder coated steel which ensures stability and durability, 1.57" by 1.57" width strong enough to support heavy duty parcels
  • [Easy TO ASSEMBLE ] - just need to install the 4 legs and 2 leg bars with hex key (less than 15 minutes),which will save your valuable time (tips: make sure when you’re putting the legs together the whole matches on top they have to be facing each other)
  • [LARGE SIZE ] - 63"(L) x 23.6"(W) x 29"(H) /48 lbs weight & 900 lbs capacity, We provide 18 months' warranty and friendly customer service


With a hard-wearing powder-coated frame and a triangular junction construction that enhances the stability of the unit, this is one of the best desks for home use. It is straightforward to build and takes only around 15 to 20 minutes to complete. They equip the metal legs that support the desktop with adjustable leg pads, which help you keep the desk stable and straight even on uneven surfaces. The top offers a decent amount of space, and there’s plenty of leg room for comfortable seating. They also back the desk by 18-month quality assurance.


This computer desk from Tribesigns is available in several choices of desktops and leg colors, such as a black top with black/white legs, a walnut desktop with black/white legs, a teak top with black legs, or a white top with black/white legs.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy metal legs
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Perfect for minimalist spaces


  • No storage cabinets
  • Sharp desk corners

Sauder 408558 Edge Water Computer Desk

Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk, L: 59.06" x W: 23.23" x H: 29.02", Estate Black finish
  • This computer desk offers ample surface space for working with storage drawers below
  • Flip-down molding reveals slide-out keyboard/mouse shelf with metal runners and safety stops
  • Two drawers with metal runners and safety stops
  • Lower drawer holds letter or European size hanging files
  • Storage area behind door holds vertical CPU tower and has an adjustable shelf


Sporting an engineered wood construction that looks and feels more premium than it is, this is one of the best desks for homes with classic themes. They equip it with a slide-out keyboard and mouse shelf that is housed behind a flip-down molding. On one side of this section is a compartment that includes a vertical CPU tower below an adjustable shelf. On the other side are two drawers with safety stops. The lower drawer is larger and can store files. They also back the desk by a 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


This computer desk comes in two options, namely the estate black model and the chalked chestnut finish model.


  • Classic and stately design
  • Heavy and durable build
  • Includes storage options
  • Includes an option for CPU ventilation


  • Assembly is complicated
  • Poor packaging quality

 Bush Furniture Montrese Small Computer Desk

Bush Furniture Montrese Small Computer Desk in Classic Black
  • Compact footprint is ideal for small spaces
  • Elegant, straightforward design with sturdy construction adds a contemporary feel to your home or office
  • Classic Black finish blends seamlessly with existing decor
  • Closed storage cabinet with one adjustable shelf provides plenty of storage space
  • Box drawer glides on smooth ball bearing slides for an easy reach to miscellaneous supplies


With a simple and straightforward design that takes up very little space, this is one of the best desks for homes with limited space. It offers a decent amount of desktop space and features a frame that is stable and sturdy. On the right side of the desk are a set of storage options. The upper one is a box drawer that slides out easily on ball bearings, while the lower one is a set of two shelves housed behind a door. Together, these compartments offer enough space to store any work-related essentials.


This desk is available in two options, namely pure white and classic black.


  • Sturdy and shockproof design
  • Perfect for compact spaces
  • Includes storage space
  • Ample leg room


  • Not entirely fingerprint-proof
  • Hard to build and set up

Tangkula Computer Desk

Tangkula 47.5" Computer Desk, Modern Style Writing Study Table with 4 Tier Bookshelves, Home Office Desk, Compact Gaming Desk, Multipurpose PC Workstation(Brown)
  • 【Spacious Desktop & Ample Storage Shelves】 Our Tangkula computer desk comes with an ample desk surface and an additional three opening shelves. The large full-size workstation provide ample storage to lay your books, papers, documents, laptop on the spacious tabletop. And you can put some books, plants or printer on the 4-tier shelves. It can totally maximize the daily working and reading enjoyment.
  • 【Durable & Sturdy Construction】 The Tangkulawriting desk is constructed by high quality MDF board and iron tube, the iron tube frame offers large weight capacity, the desk can hold about 250lbs. “ X” style design provides more support and ensures stable and durable. It provides enough durable and skin-friendly work surface and lets you spread out comfortably.
  • 【Compact Practical Style & Multifunction 】 This Tangkula computer desk comes in simplistic color, the color will be suit for any decor. The appearance is compact, simple and practical. The table can be placed in your home study, bedroom and office to serve as a computer desk, office workstation, study stable, writing or gaming desk.
  • 【Installation & Easy to Clean】 The Tangkula computer desk is need to be assembled by yourself. All of the hardware andthe clearly assembly instructions are included in the package. It's easy to put it together with instructions.And with wet cloth you can wipe dirty stain easily from the surface.
  • 【Compact Design & Protective Feet Pads】Compact design won't take up a lot of your space while offering the ideal organization solution. The computer desk comes with silver feet pads, protect your floor from scratches. And the desk can keep more stable in uneven places. More convenient to portable.


With a full-sized desk surface and a set of three additional open shelves integrated cleverly into the design, this is one of the best desks for homes with contemporary or shabby chic themes. The central desktop is wide enough to accommodate a computer and some accessories, and the shelves allow you to store books and other paraphernalia. The boards of the shelves and the desktop are made from high-quality MDF board, and the frame is made from durable iron tubes. Cleaning the surface of the shelves and the desktop is also quite easy, as a moist cloth ought to do the trick.


This computer desk is available in two color choices, namely black and brown.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Includes multiple shelves
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • Comes with protective feet pads


  • Vague assembly instructions
  • No closed storage options

Rowan Oval Double Pedestal Executive Desk

Rowan Oval Double Pedestal Executive Desk Black and Chesnut
  • Set includes: One (1) executive desk
  • Materials: Poplar wood, Catalpa wood, Particle board, Plywood and MDF
  • Finish Color: Black and Chestnut
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Drawer structure: French dovetail and English dovetail


With an attractive black and chestnut finish, this is one of the best desks for homes with traditional interiors. It includes a total of 7 drawers, all of which features the French dovetail structure and the English dovetail structure. The exteriors feature rich and intricate carvings, and the oval design is elegant and eye-catching. There’s also a keyboard drawer and a felt-lined drawer for your gadget. The one downside is that there’s no dedicated compartment for the CPU.


While the desk itself doesn’t come in more than one model, there are three different sets you can choose. The first is the standalone desk, the second is a bundle with the desk and a file cabinet, and the third is a bundle with the desk, the file cabinet, and a bookcase.


  • Heavy-duty and durable wood
  • Gorgeous and attractive construction
  • Perfect addition to traditional décor
  • High-quality workmanship


  • Very expensive
  • Tough to reposition the heavy frame

Ashley Furniture Signature Home Office Desk

Signature Design by Ashley Baraga Contemporary Glass L-Shaped Home Office Desk, White
  • L SHAPED DESK: This desk is ultra modern with its sleek, white powdercoat finish. Use it as a computer workstation and stay clear-headed with the beautiful frosted glass top
  • HANDSOMELY CRAFTED: Desk is made of glass and metal, with a tempered glass tabletop
  • MODULAR DESIGN: Whether you're left or right-handed, this desk has versatile setups to ensure you have the appropriate table space needed to work
  • GREAT FOR A HOME OFFICE: There's ample space under this furniture piece for file cabinet storage or a stylish pouf to rest your feet. Measures 61" W x 51" D x 30" H
  • ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Easy-to-follow instructions, tools and hardware included


With a frame made from durable metal and a desktop made from laminated engineered wood, this is one of the best desks for home offices. It sports a two-tone finish and has a sleek and modern profile, with straight lines that blend well into contemporary décor. The top offers ample space to hold a monitor or two, allowing you to work comfortably. The L-shaped variant comes with a tempered glass tabletop.


This desk comes in a classic shape and an L-shaped design.


  • Easy to put together
  • Minimalist and simple design
  • Ample leg room
  • Solid and sturdy build


  • Poor quality control
  • No storage compartments

Convenience Concepts Modern No Tools Student Desk

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go No Tools Student Desk with Shelves, Black
  • Part of Designs2Go Collection
  • No Tools Required
  • Multiple Shelves for Storage
  • Stainless Steel Poles
  • (L) 47.25 in. x (W) 15.75 in. x (H) 30 in.


This is one of the best desks for home use for people who aren’t comfortable building a desk from scratch, as it supports an easy, no-tools assembly. It includes a frame made from stainless steel poles and features a desktop with a wood-grained finish. It also comes with a set of shelves on each side, and a chamber below the top for stowing away small items. The desk is perfect for cramped spaces.


This desk is available in several options like black, blue, charcoal gray, cherry, espresso, soft sand, and faux birch, among others.


  • Good value for money
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Doesn’t wobble


  • Sharp corners
  • The desktop isn’t very wide

 Origami Foldable Computer Desk

Origami Folding Computer Desk for Office Study Students Bedroom Home Gaming and Craft | Space Saving Foldable Design, Fits Dual Monitors and Laptop, Collapsible, No Assembly Required | Black, Large (RDE-01)
  • Opens and folds in less than 60 seconds
  • Removable tabletop for lightweight moving
  • No assembly required. No tools required for set up
  • Locking mechanisms to secure the desk surface in place
  • Storage space Saving. Folds flat for easy storage


What makes this one of the best desks for homes with limited space is its foldable design, which offers an incredibly small footprint. It’s also straightforward to assemble, as there are no tools needed. With an overall weight of just 38 pounds, it’s also easy to transport this desk when you move. It has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 100 pounds, making it sturdy for a desk of this size.


This desk is available in small, medium, and large sizes.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Equipped with a folding mechanism
  • Collapsible and portable design
  • Comfortable leg support


  • No cable cutouts
  • The textured surface is unsuitable for writing

The Verdict

white desk

Image via Pexels

Having reviewed these desks for home use, the modern L-shaped desk from Tribesigns is one of the best corner desks in the market. If you are looking for a simpler design, you could opt for the computer desk, also from Tribesigns. Alternatively, if you’d like to get a compact and space-saving desk, the foldable model from Origami is your best bet.

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10 Creative Ways To Use Landscaping Rocks For Your Garden

Decorative landscaping rocks

Rocks are a basic building material that humans have used for tens of thousands of years, and landscaping with rocks adds beauty, character, and charm to any garden. Landscaping rocks can be both decorative and practical given the variety of colors, shapes, and textures of stones to choose from. Rocks are a low-maintenance way to deal with problems like shady areas where grass won’t grow, sloping land, and muddy ground, so there’s a good chance you can use landscaping rocks for a project that’s suitable for your own garden or backyard.

There are countless ideas out there to inspire you to add landscaping rocks to your own garden. You can build a rock garden or a waterfall, make a fire pit, or create a seating area using landscaping rocks, or you can use stones to border and highlight plant beds and bodies of water. It’s time to unleash your imagination and create a unique garden feature you will enjoy for a long, long time.

What Is Landscaping With Rocks?

Landscaping with rocks has both aesthetic and practical purposes. Visually, landscaping rocks add a natural and organic feature to an outdoor space which may otherwise look formal and artificial. Gardens around the world have used rocks for both decorative and symbolic purposes, so there are thousands of designs to inspire you. This is a good project to nurture and express your creativity and help you connect with yourself and nature.

In practical terms, rocks add visual appeal and serve important functions like preventing weeds, replacing mulch to hold water in plantings, adding borders to ponds, flower beds and walkways, and providing stepping stones to get over damp or muddy ground. You can use smaller rocks as a ground cover to prevent weeds, eliminate the need for mowing, or in shady areas where grass won’t grow.

Many people find stonework to be a healing and therapeutic activity. It also adds beauty to your garden when you add attractive retaining walls, stone steps, and fire pits. As a bonus, rocks are very low maintenance and will last a very long time. So plan carefully, look at a wide range of designs for inspiration, and have fun with your landscaping rocks!

What Kinds Of Landscaping Rocks Should You Use?

Rock waterfalls for landscaping

Image by PondGuy

The size, type, and color of the landscaping rocks you use for your outdoor project will depend on the look you want to achieve and the purpose of the landscaping feature. From the large, square, flat rocks often used for stepping stones and pathways to the big, round boulders used for dramatic effect to the pebble-sized pieces for ground cover, you have the infinite variety of nature to choose from.

Different colors, textures, and shapes will add to the beauty and character of your design. For instance, river rocks and pebbles bring the casual and exquisite artistry of running water to your garden. Nature is a master artist, and few are better at mingling colors to create a soothing and enigmatic color palette. You can use cool marble chips to brighten shady patches under trees or bushes, and black lava rocks can be used as a nod to the symbolism of Japanese rock gardens.

You can even group large gray slabs together to make natural seats and benches. In fact, you can pick stones that best match the existing look of your garden, or choose ones that will give your outdoor space a whole new look. The only caveat is that you must be sure of what you want because rocks last a long time. You can buy landscaping rocks at gardening and home improvement stores, but you may also want to try to collect your own stones from rivers, streams, and mountains. If you’re out in the country, try asking farmers if you can pick up rocks on their land.

10 Creative Ways To Use Rocks In Landscaping

When using landscaping rocks in your garden, the only limit is your imagination. This can be a fun project that the entire family can do together. From small pebbles used as a mulch to rocky waterfalls, you can use landscaping rocks to add a natural, enduring touch to your garden.

Replace Mulch With Small Rocks Or Pebbles

Small rocks

Image by NeuPaddy

Mulch serves several purposes: it prevents weeds, helps plants retain moisture, and adds points of color and texture to a garden design. You can also use mulch to highlight striking features, such as particular trees or bushes. Instead of mulch, you can use small to medium sized rocks to achieve the same effect. Unlike mulch, however, you don’t have to replace rocks every year. You can also mix in medium-sized rocks with mulch to create a more natural look.

Make A Rock Garden

Rock garden

Image by Mariamichelle

A rock garden can add a point of interest to your garden and help highlight plant beds. This is a chance to exercise your creativity and gardening skills. There are many types of rock garden designs, and you can look to traditional Japanese rock gardens for inspiration. The shape, size, and design will all depend on your preferences and the amount and kind of space available. It’s important to keep in mind that when you place the landscaping rocks, leave enough room for the plants to keep growing.

Add A Few Large Rocks For A Dramatic Focal Point

Large rocks

Image by Thoxuan99

A large boulder or a grouping of large landscaping rocks can add dramatic interest. You can also use them to break up the monotony of a lawn, flower beds, or a hedge.

Build A Border For Ponds Or Flower Beds

Water lily

Image by pixel2013

You can use low rock walls, less than a foot in height as decorative borders for garden features like ponds and flower beds. Depending on your tastes, you could use landscaping rocks of an even size or irregularly shaped rocks that will take some imagination to fit together. Either way, the visual and emotional impact will be pleasing to both the eyes and the mind.

Create A Path Of Stepping Stones

Path of stepping stones

Image by FranckinJapan

Everybody has muddy and even boggy parts of the lawn where water collects and the grass can never soak it all up. Large, square stones make attractive stepping stones or a continuous path that will look good and be useful. Finally, you can access the garden shed even in the winter! Paths can also be useful around the house and can be placed in shady areas where nothing grows well.

Build A Fire Pit

Fire pit

Image by 12019

Rocks and fire pits are such a natural combination, it’s no wonder that humans have been using it for tens of thousands of years. A fire pit is a great conversation piece, and it adds a cheerful note to any evening. You can even try your hand at some outdoor cooking for a break from the gas grill.

Rocks Walls And Steps Add Charm, Character, And Functionality

Fire pit

Image by sbutterfield

What’s a garden without a rock wall or two? Rock walls and steps can also be practical. Rock walls hold in flower beds and prevent soil and mulch from spilling over into walkways. Steps can ease slopes and make a great place to sit on a sunny day to enjoy the garden.

Use Rocks For Seats And Benches

Stone chairs

Image by pasja1000

Speaking of places to sit, rocks and boulders are natural choices. You could go for large slabs you can fashion into a bench or casually group boulders with just enough smooth, level surfaces to sit on.

Incorporate Sloping Ground Into Garden Design

Beautiful garden filled with flowers

Image by cocoparisienne

Rocks are great for dealing with difficult areas in your garden. If you have sloping ground, rocks can help anchor plants and prevent the soil from eroding. You can even create a terraced rock garden, with different levels that follow the contours of the land for a pleasing effect. As with all rock borders, remember to leave enough room for your plants to grow and spread out over the years. Also, keep in mind that on a sloping surface, you must dig a small hole and “plant” each rock to keep it stable. Once the rocks are in place, you can fill in the hole with soil.

Create A Waterfall


Image by awsloley

Rocks and water go together naturally, and you can unleash your imagination as you draw up plans for your own falling water landscape feature. This is a project you can have fun with, matching rocks to the terrain and planning for water plants in the pool below the waterfall. For a natural look, you can use rocks and even boulders of different sizes, including pebbles in the stream’s bed.


Using rocks for landscaping is a fun and practical project for any garden or outdoor space, and you can use landscaping rocks to build walls, pathways, fire pits, and waterfalls. Landscaping rocks are also a low-maintenance way to deal with problems like shaded areas, muddy patches, and sloping ground. Landscaping with rocks adds a touch of natural beauty and authenticity to any garden, bringing you closer to nature.